My Name is
Michal Maayan Don

I am here to serve the reunion of love and power

I am a Priestess, Sacred Activist, ISTA Facilitator and Sexual Shaman

I am passionate boldness, radical honesty and I live life on high volume

I am curious about the next level of evolution in our
collective field and sense magic and pure potential

I facilitate group processes to guide us onto
the next level of collectively lived wisdom

I am

Question-seeker, magic-weaver
Sexual shaman, best-friend, love-lover, high priestess and mother
Ordinary woman, benevolent witch, wise elder
Dragon-dancer, sacred activist, community leader
Earth-walker, collective consciousness healer

My story

I have walked a long journey of healing my sexuality and getting to know my power. After awakening into a life-force-activated body, my burning research question has been: what next levels of community living and tribal wisdom are possible with empowered, vibrating and awake humans? The possibilities are limitless. Let’s find out where it goes ...

Along my colourful path, I studied business, acquired a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies, held women circles, trained teachers and facilitators, fully stepped into my role as priestess and sexual shaman and held many processes and rituals for large groups.

I have been initiated and guided by the ancient knowledge of the land of Canaan, by Hebrew ancestors and my living teachers. Since 2015, I have been a faculty member of ISTA – the International School of Temple Arts and since 2023 I am one of the Schools lead facilitators.

Behind me are many years as a group and ceremony facilitator and as a producer at tantra, shamanic or sexuality festivals and conferences. Calling me forward is great curiosity of what else is possible when awakened bodies and people get together and weave their superpowers and heightened awareness, raising the potential of our collective wisdom and creations. Within me is the wish to connect the world of sacred sexuality to the world of academia, education, health, and politics. I offer myself as a bridge that enables dialogue between worlds.

One day, some years ago, I realized that I haven’t become a priestess, I was always one. The force and wisdom of the priestess were always pulsing through my being and bones. My journey was not “from normal to priesthood” – it was a unique and shamanic one from the start – and many synchronicities and dimension-bending stories of my life account for it.

"One day, some years ago, I realized that I haven’t become a priestess, I was always one. The force and wisdom of the priestess were always pulsing through my being and bones."

Michal Maayan Don

My personal Why

I am a born group facilitator and perhaps a junky of the pure magic that is collective consciousness.

I have a never ending curiosity in group-fields and group dynamics.

I want us to expand towards the fullness of the human potential

I wish to offer my wisdom to take our collective consciousness to the next level

I yearn to find out what else is possible, in awakened groups.

I want to celebrate that we are alive, together.

I wish to facilitate the remembering of our sense of belonging. 

My Calling

To explore and experience the full potential of an awakened tribe

I have a strong calling and passion to guide groups processes, rituals and journeys. Exploring and playing with groups is what I love, and feel such curiosity about the potential of the awake collective consciousness...!

Come and join me on this adventure of becoming fully empowered humans
that live active love and inter-dimensional connection,
free from shame and guilt,
bursting with vitality, creativity, life-force and desire.


It’s a Vision
to remember our sense of belonging
and hear the voice of our collective soul.

A Laboratory
where we dance and love, where we playfully research
the full potential of the awakened tribe.

A Field
with our doors of perception wide open… to learn to weave
our brilliant swarm-intelligence as one coherent being.

A Playground
to journey onward, as self-empowered people,
buzzing and blooming with our personal gifts and powers.

A Practice
for the ones awake and fully alive to learn what it means
to speak without words
and connect in depth far beyond imagination.

Private Sessions

I am here to support you to deepen and expand in your sexuality and release what stands in the way for you to thrive sexually,
and step into your power and full visibility with your own offering in sacred sexuality.

Transformative Healing Sessions

This is for women, men and couples that want to improve the quality of their sex life and sexual wellness. Come and meet me, in person or online, to explore the landscape of your sexuality. I offer a journey for you to open up to a thriving sexual life, as you heal and transform your sexual persona and deepen the meeting of your sexuality and spirit.

Coaching for Professional Sacred Sexuality Facilitators

This is for you if you seek support, guidance and inspirational chats regarding your projects and life-mission regarding sacred sexuality. I am here to mentor, guide and inspire, as you find your voice and establish yourself in the field of sacred sexuality.

BOOK a session with me, to explore whether we are a good fit for great work and transformation.

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