next level collective consciousness

Can we live in a much more advanced
group flow and joined existence?

There has been and continues to be a wave of personal awakening happening all around the world.

Wild Tribe offers the space and the community for collective awakening...

and is the natural progression of the path we have walked. Along this path I saw many, many people, including myself, heal and integrate their sexuality, step into full self-empowerment and open to deeper interconnectedness.

Wild Tribe is the place from which individuals of this level of consciousness continue this journey, together, stitching all their superpowers into a magnificent web of the mature tribe.

It is the container and the playground for the journey onward from a place where we feel well rooted into and enlivened with our personal gifts and powers.

After many years of working with groups in self-improvement and conscious sexuality, I sense that we’ve just arrived at the very beginning … of a most fascinating journey:

We are at The Threshold

where we can now explore what collective wisdom emerges when fully self-empowered people come together, and when everyone present is connected to their body, heart, intuition and life force energy.

My personal Why

I am a born group facilitator and perhaps a junky of the pure magic that is collective consciousness.

I have a never ending curiosity in group-fields and group dynamics.

I want us to expand towards the fullness of the human potential

I wish to offer my wisdom to take our collective consciousness to the next level

I yearn to find out what else is possible, in awakened groups.

I want to celebrate that we are alive, together.

I wish to facilitate the remembering of our sense of belonging. 

“Behind Wild Tribe is the need for us to relearn how to be in small groups and share power and space. Behind Wild Tribe is the wish to create what we did not have: a tribe that is awake, mature and wise, to lean into for guidance, belonging and healing.”

Michal Maayan Don

Group offerings and Journeys

Guiding and facilitating group processes is one of my greatest gifts and a big passion of mine.
Come, join me as we journey together in groups toward more aliveness, wholeness, expansion, depth and collective wisdom.


Tribal Sexual Shamanic Initiation

Wild Tribe is a week long gathering where we work and play with sexual shamanic rituals, the interconnectedness between us, with life force energy and Eros as shamanic power. We learn how to create and hold transformative shamanic rituals and get to know ourselves as multidimensional, vibrational beings. We meet the wounds of our sexual persona and spirit in rituals of deep transformation.


Shine your darkness

In the Dark Love Temple, we embark on a 5-day journey into a ceremonial temple space and connect to the most unique shades of DARK LOVE. We allow for our dark power to be known, honoured, expressed, felt, seen, embodied and loved. We meet our animal selves, our sexual selves and all hidden or shamed parts in a safe group container.


The Frequency of Being Alive

Vibration Lab is a week-long, explorative gathering of activated and vibrating people that are ready to play and explore the world of whole-body-vibration in a group. Together, we ask and find out what we can do with this vibration. Can we communicate with it? Can we heal with it? How does the field respond when many people in one group vibrate freely?